The YouTubers Vlogging About Technology

The YouTubers Vlogging About Technology

Since YouTube is getting popular as a source of earning, many people have started vlogging on YouTube about popsockets, cooking, baking, toys introduction, technology, daily life vlog, and travelling. In short, a variety of topics are covered by vloggers. This can be seen too at big tech events like Paus Fest – everyone is using video content! Somehow, technology vloggers are among the most successful vloggers on YouTube. These tech vloggers have made it easy for the students and viewers to understand various kinds of technology-related products and advanced information technology. Take the example of Blondie Bytes. She teaches codes and programming languages at YouTube for beginner level and advanced programmers. Sara Dieteschy, a vlogger, is also running a channel on YouTube regarding interesting technologies such as phone accessories and a podcast.

Interested to know more about YouTubers vlogging about technology? Just keep reading! In this article, I mention some vlogger channels that might be attractive and informative for you. 

My favourite tech vloggers (are all very knowledgeable) are enlisted below: 

  • Geek Gurl Diaries 

This channel is started by Carrie Anna Philbin to present modern technology videos. As a YouTube vlogger, she creates vlogs about coding languages as well as trivial things like modern chips in kid’s toys, to motivate the young generation to learn more about advanced technology products. 

  • Technical Guruji

You may have watched the Technical Guruji YouTube channel with its amazing content about technology products. Technical Guruji presents simple methods to make a machine in the Hindi language. This channel is best to subscribe and follow if you want to make the simple machine at a low-cost budget.

  • Gadgets to use 

Gadgets use the channel, as the name suggests, to post informative vlogs regarding modern and advanced technology products and gadgets available in our markets. In addition, Indian YouTube vlogger Abhishek Bhatnagar covers the gadget markets of India in his videos. 

  • Austin Evans 

A passionate vlogger of technology is running his YouTube channel from California. Austin is currently popular amongst young technology lovers. Although he gives reviews about both new and old hardware products on his channel, including cameras, smartphones, keyboards etc, after testing these products.   

  • C4ETech 

Another famous technology vlogger is a review-focused vlogger who creates vlogs on information technology and smartphone technology. He presents his personal experiences and review about different smartphones to an audience of 618k subscribers and followers.

  • Unbox Therapy 

Lewis Hilsenteger is the host of the Unbox Therapy YouTube vlogging channel. In this channel, Lewis discusses his thoughts about a technology product while opening or unboxing it. Most commonly covered technology products by this vlogger include consoles, phones, cameras, and laptops. 

  • CNET 

 CNETA is a high-quality YouTube channel with great information about the tech industry. This channel is famous for its reviews about technology products and apps. CNET host vlogger discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various technology products and apps, as well as a vlogger, which covers philosophical discussion on technology.

Why does YouTube Vlogging about Technology?  

After reading this article, you may take an interest in YouTube vlogging. Considering your interest, I have discussed several reasons regarding YouTube vlogging which may appeal to your mind. First of all, vlogging on YouTube is not a waste of time. You can learn more about technology while earning money! YouTube pays its vloggers for their videos (e.g. by displaying advertisements). Secondly, YouTube vlogging enables vloggers to make connections with other people of similar age and interest. It allows people to have a better social circle that benefits them in their learning and career. Thirdly, YouTube vlogging supports you in personal branding. Vlogging introduces you to the world and specifically among your targeted audience. Conclusively, you can avail several benefits and advantages of YouTube vlogging about technology. Do you have potential? Are you interested in YouTube vlogging about technology? Then why waste time? Just go for it!   

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